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Is cutting the grass more important than marking graves?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently completed a massive project to "... raise, realign and clean approximately 200,000 headstones and markers ..." in National Cemeteries. While markers that are sinking should be raised, the realignment of markers had only one purpose to make it easier to mow the grass with riding lawnmowers and tractors.

The VA refuses to mark the graves of over 3,500 American soldiers buried in the Salisbury National Cemetery because according to the Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs, Steve Muro: "It would not be historically appropriate to affix bronze plaques [with the names of the soldiers buried at Salisbury] on or near the current Unknown Dead Monument at Salisbury." However the VA can realign markers to make it easier to cut the grass. When did realigning markers become "historically accurate"? Click here for more details

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